Are you feeling like you’re in a rut and looking for something different? Do you want to enhance your confidence, public speaking and presentation skills? Do you want to be a better communicator?  Then this course is definitely for you!

This 8 week class will focus on using improv exercises and tools to enhance your communication skills, presentation skills, interview skills and even your dating skills. You will learn to play improv games such as those in “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and have fun while building confidence and comfort in front of an audience in business and social situations. This course is open to all—no experience required and you don’t even have to be funny.

Starts: Monday September 18, 2017 7:00pm – 9:30pm  Instructor: Rachel Bellack
Duration: 8 Weeks

Cost: $250.00

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 ComedySportz IMPROV 101

This course introduces you to the skills of improvisation; developing basic verbal and physical communication skills by exploring spontaneity, active listening, risk-taking, story-telling, character development, and more. Learn to play games like those seen on "Whose Line Is It Anyway" in a safe, non-judgmental environment where the laughter comes easy and fun is the name of the game. Students will have a final show for family and friends. No prerequisite except a willingness to say "Yes, and..."

Starts: Thursday September 21, 2017  7:00pm – 9:30pm  Instructor: 
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $250.00

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Inactive Classes

ComedySportz IMPROV 201

This course introduces you to the building blocks of scenework, giving you the tools to create honest relationship-driven scenes on stage. A few of our most popular games will be used to strengthen your listening, teamwork, and scene-building muscles as you become a stronger, faster more bionic improviser. Students will perform at the end of the semester. Prerequisite: Improv 101 or permission of instructor

Starts: Winter 2018  7:00pm – 9:30pm  Instructor: 

Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $275.00

ComedySportz IMPROV 301

This class continues to build your scene work ability through establishing characters and a strong understanding of relationship. You will explore how character work can push a scene/game forward; utilizing a characters want, need and drive. Students will perform two times during the semester on the Comedysportz stage. Prerequisite: CSz 201

Starts: TBA 7:00pm - 10pm
Duration: 9 Weeks
Cost: $295.00