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Workshops in Business of Acting, Stage Combat and Voice Over

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Voice Over Classes

All Classes for Adults 18+

Until recently the ability to perform voiceovers has been limited to people who live in major cites near the recording studios. Now with digital recording technology and the internet, the voice over market across the United States (and around the world!) has opened up to anyone with the talent, skills and drive to pursue it. With voiceovers you don’t have to be there, you can work anywhere without having to travel.

Opportunities exist for voiceover in commercials, animation, narration, industrial videos, plus new technologies such as Video Games, Digital Video and the Internet.

 Voice Over Class

Learn the skills required to succeed in voice overs for radio and television as well as industrial narration, CD-ROMS and the internet. Make your performance unique and develop voice-over skills such as copy interpretation, character development, inflection, pacing, microphone technique and sight reading skills.

You will learn:

• Basic reading with inflection, pronunciation, cadence
• Dialect, straight copy read, pacing
• Your vocal range, age range and style
• How to take direction
• Audition skills
• Commercial reads
• One person, two person, three person reads
• Character development and using your own personality
• How to do character voices, children’s voices, audio books

We will also cover the business of voice over such as how to sign with an agent, what a demo should include, choosing your best work and marketing yourself.

Section 1 Starts: Monday June 23, 2014,  7:00pm - 10:00pm

Duration: 8 Weeks

Cost: $295.00

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Section 2 Starts: Tuesday July 8, 2014,  11:00am - 2:00pm

Duration: 8 Weeks

Cost: $295.00

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Voice Over Class II

The level 2 voice over class will encompass a more intensive program focusing on recording sessions in different avenues of voice over work. Each week a specific technique will be selected, worked on during class and recorded for critique. The weeks selections will pertain to: radio and TV commercials, audio book reads, narration, character voices, industrial reads, technical reads and on-hold services. Giving you a wide range of opportunities that can be pursued in voice over work.

Pre-requisite for class: level 1 or a review from instructor.

Starts: TBD

Duration: 8 Weeks

Cost: $350.00

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