ANYONE CAN ACT - Acting FUNdamentals

Have you always wanted to try Acting but didn’t know where to start? Maybe you used to Act and are now returning to it after a long time away. Or you might want to explore Acting for personal or professional development. If so, this fun beginners class is for you.

This course will introduce you to the basic tools actors use on stage and screen as well as building confidence and comfort in front of an audience in business and social situations. Students are led through monologue and scene work in a relaxed, supportive environment with lots of individual attention. Film versus stage acting will be explored as well as a practical knowledge of the Business of Acting.

  • Fun, group exercises and ensemble work
  • Explore yourself as a person and how you relate to the world
  • Improve your self-confidence and presenting skills
  • Understand how to use your own experiences to develop a character
  • Improv your communication skills at home and at work
  • Relaxed, supportive, non-judgmental and FUN

Starts: Tuesday June 19, 2018  7:00pm - 9:30pm  Instructor: Rachel Bellack
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $270

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Complete Acting Level 1- 4 and Receive a Certificate of Achievement



Through exercises, improvisation and monologues, the student will understand and learn the tools needed to begin to audition and perform. 
Focus on character development, script analysis and audition skills. 

Section 1 Starts: Wednesday June 20, 2018   11:00am – 1:30pm   Instructor: Sean Paraventi

Section 2 Starts: Thursday June 21, 2018   7:00pm – 9:30pm   Instructor: Rachel Bellack

Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $280 

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For level two, the student will continue to work on their craft. Through character, relationship and scene work the student will learn to make creative and effective choices. Students will perform at the end of semester student showcase. This work is a must for actors who are starting to audition and perform.

PREREQUISITE: Acting I or permission of instructor.

Starts: Tuesday June 19, 2018   7:00pm – 9:30pm   Instructor: Kate Peckham

Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $280

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This course offers further development for the actor with much more rigor and depth. It will challenge and hone the student’s skills in acting and will provide more searching individual assessment. It will also offer opportunity for the student to perform in a showcase at the end of the semester. The course is designed to challenge the student by working on such things as:
• Full – 2 person scenes from plays
• Choices and how to make them quickly
• Relaxation techniques
• Styles and Genres
• Staying in the moment
• Improvising effectively
• Advanced character study
• Basic Strasberg technique and Sense Memory
• Understanding the art of rehearsal
• One on one evaluation
• Performance

PREREQUISITE: Acting II or permission of instructor. Audition may be required.
Starts: Wednesday May 20, 2018 — 7:00pm – 10:00pm    Instructor: Kate Peckham
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $310 

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Complete your course of acting studies at Michigan Actors Studio with this popular class taught by award-winning actor and director Kate Peckham.

Whether you're looking to finish what you started or to prepare yourself to work in a larger market, Acting 4 is a class modeled after professional classes in cities like New York and Los Angeles (where Kate taught with Anthony Meindl's Actors' Workshop). We will explore character, and using your truth and the clues in the script to give you a deeper understanding of the art of acting. This class is a mix of returning and new students.  Come and see for yourself why we have some students who are going on their 5th year in Acting 4- Scene Study!
PREREQUISITE: Acting III or permission of instructor.

Starts: Fall 2018— 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $310.00
Instructor: Kate Peckham

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In this eight week intensive class, auditioning for stage, film and television will be taught. Students will work on monologues, cold reads, commercial, television and film auditions. All students will work on stage or in front of the camera weekly. Different styles, genres and character work will be taught and then put into action each class. Auditions for TV and commercials will be done on location at a real Television studio. If you keep auditioning and aren’t getting the job done this is the class for you! As students work independently, this class is suitable for the new actor or for the seasoned veteran.

Starts: TBA
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $310.00


Monologues are an extremely important part of any movie or play. They can be used as turning points in the plot, revelations and faults of a character, and even complete character transformations. Need help with your monologues for auditioning? You’ve come to the right place. This class will educate you on how to break down, dissect and perform monologues that will help you nail your auditions every time. Students will perform monologues of their choice that will be able to stand on their own. All students will have the opportunity to display their monologue skills at our end of session class shows! Receive direction from industry professionals and hone your skills with peers that are serious about their craft.

PREREQUISITE: Acting III or permission of instructor.

Starts: TBA,  — 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $310.00


A practical and fun approach. Learn Shakespeare monologues and scenes, how to audition, and more. This class will give you a deeper understanding of character development and is a must for the serious actor. Whether you intend to perform Shakespeare or not this class will be invaluable to you as an actor on stage or film. Instructor Barton Bund is the award-winning Artistic Director of the Blackbird Theatre, and director of more than a dozen of Shakespeare’s plays. Participants will leave the class with two solid monologues for auditions. Take the fear out of Shakespeare with one of our local experts.

PREREQUISITE: Acting I or permission of instructor.
Starts: TBA  7:00pm – 10:00pm
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $310.00


A unique exploration of our greatest dramatist. Over eight weeks, students rehearse for a workshop production of one of Shakespeare’s plays, culminating in a final performance open to the public. Students explore text, character, scene work and interpretation. The plays are an actor’s greatest challenge, and this class gives you the tools you need.
Note: In our final week, we will require students to attend additional Friday night and Saturday afternoon rehearsals before our performance Saturday night.
Instructor Barton Bund is one of Michigan’s preeminent directors of Shakespeare’s plays. Credits include The Blackbird Theatre/Shakespeare West’s acclaimed “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Hamlet” and “Twelfth Night,” as well as Water Works Theatre’s “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” and their upcoming “Much Ado About Nothing.”

PREREQUISITE: Shakespeare I or permission of instructor. Also open to those that have completed Acting III or Scene Study.
Starts: TBA
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $310.00