Montage at The Michigan Actors Studio is an online acting training program that provides a safe and challenging space to study the craft of acting. Whether you have dreams of becoming a professional actor, or just want to live a more authentic, creative life we can give you the tools to get where you want to be.  

Next Cohort Begins Sept. 2021, Enrollment Begins June 1

You’re ready for more out of life. 

You’re curious, down-to-earth, you seek out honest, no b.s. people just like you. You crave real connection and genuine community.

You’re looking for more,  and your current path just isn't cutting it. Maybe you’re bored in your 9-5 or lost in “what ifs”. You’re ready for something to change, now.

You haven’t yet found a place to study acting that engages you, energizes you and feels like home. Acting schools make a lot of promises- but who are they and what are they really offering?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to acting training,

So how do you decide?

Montage’s online certificate program is a one-stop Actors’ Training Program

Montage is a woman owned and operated community-centric training program that cares; about you, the world we live in, and building a future that includes art, connection and creativity. We give you the tools to access and develop your gifts, as well as an understanding of the business of acting and the skills to put your most professional self forward. We’re here to help you make your dreams become your reality. 

We’re fully online, with live classes grounded in the fundamentals of the craft and business of acting, committed to authentic, diverse instructors and students alike. 

We are entirely focused on giving you the acting education, business tools, personal development, support & guidance you need to begin an acting career or bring a positive change into your life. 


Build a strong foundation in the craft of acting. 

Join a thriving community that networks and supports each other.

Receive personal and professional development tools to make your dreams a reality

Get individual support that shows you the way to put your training into action. 

“Without question, the best part of the program is getting to work with people who are brave and willing to try something. It is life-affirming to know that every week I'm spending time with people who are pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone, risking looking foolish, but really trying. And trying feels like being fully present in your life. I've made friends and community even during a time where we are all supposed to be six feet away.”


Ryan Ken 

Certificate Program Student

Monica Hiris.jpg

"I feel like I have a support system. There are several instructors who know me well and can answer questions/give advice. Kate meets with me regularly and I feel like I have a mentor who is guiding me."

Monica Hiris

Certificate Program Student

Mircea Lazar.jpg

"I decided to enroll in the certificate program to improve my public speaking and teaching skills. I am a PhD student and prospective professor, so this skillset is essential for my career. The certificate program at MAS has been instrumental in improving my ability to connect with students in the classroom."

Mircea Lazar

Certificate Program Student

We take a different approach than other  acting programs.

The Montage online certificate program is a one-of-a-kind actors’ training program where YOUR story takes center stage.

A Unique Community

The people you'll meet are the heart of the Montage experience. 

People from all walks of life come together to study acting. Get ongoing opportunities for learning, growth and support in our family-like community.

Dynamic and Responsive Classes

We make things better, listening and changing as we go.

Like good actors, at Montage we listen to our students and respond.  We are always adding new classes and modifying existing ones to make sure our students get the training they want and need. 

For People with Lives

You’ve got more going on than just acting class. 

The Online Certificate Program is built with the busy adult learner in mind. We make it easy for you to pursue training and have a life, too.

Personal & Professional Development

We understand that acting is more than just art; it’s a mindset too. 

The Personal and Professional Development aspect of our program, with our founder and leadership coach, Rachel Bellack sets you up with the tools you need to thrive in your life, career and relationships.


The Montage Online Certificate Program

Our online certificate program is designed to help you unlock the power of your gifts, and use that power in your work and life. It’s a deeply transformative experience. Here’s how we do what we do:


Small Group Learning 

You'll be placed in a small cohort of fellow actors for the duration of the program. You’ll learn together as well as support and hold one another accountable.


Live Weekly Instruction 

Held on weekday evenings at 7pm, our LIVE, 100% online class sessions are led by world-class instructors from a broad range of acting and teaching backgrounds. Students will take a maximum of 2 classes per week.


Experiential Training

We approach acting training wholistically.  You’ll participate in live training, experience seminars, workshops and valuable one-on-one coaching to make sure you internalize and absorb your education. There are monthly meetings with your cohort to offer more training and opportunities to bond and connect. 

Our Students Love Us... A Lot

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 12.27.39
I’ve grown immensely

- Kristen Thornton

"I couldn’t ask for a more welcoming and supportive environment to work through the fear and vulnerability of putting myself out there. I’ve grown immensely in the far too short class time and look forward to the next one. Classmates, most feeling equally vulnerable, have been nothing short of incredible while offering positive support, feedback, and a willingness to be open to learning from everyone."

Who We Are

Montage began as the Michigan Actors Studio, a state licensed trade school serving students locally in the metro-Detroit community. Our goal was to provide state of the art training for both established and aspiring artists here in Michigan. When we started, there weren't many affordable and professional options to study acting locally. While the short-lived Michigan film boom created a lot of small studios that flourished and then died when the incentives did, we were able to not only survive, but thrive. Why is that? We think it's because our teachers and staff are committed to two ideals that are at the core of who we are. One: that studying the arts is empowering and two: creating art in a safe space can be life-changing. If you haven't studied with us before, you might be surprised to learn that in addition to acting training, our students often find lifelong friendships and the momentum and support to make positive changes in their lives.

Program Directors

Rachel Bellack - Rachel_Bellack.png

Rachel Bellack

​Founder/Director/Leadership Coach

Words Words words words words words words words, and most of all words! Blah blah blah blah blah bah ha, exactly, right? This will take up a paragraph and we will get all the good things about your coaching, business coaching, improv, teaching background. This is why you’re amazing!

Rachel Bellack - Kate_Peckham.png

Kate Peckham

Director of Education/Lead Instructor

Meet the Rest of The Team

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Tuition & Payment Plans

 Check out our pricing and payment plans below!

Next Cohort Begins September 2021-- Enrollment Begins June 1

It's time. With meaningful education and a vibrant community, the Montage Online Certificate program is the perfect place to begin your journey as an actor. 


 We’d love to talk to you! Click the link below to sign up to talk to us. 

Take the Next Step. Become an actor.

Montage Online Certificate Acting Program

$2495 USD



$895/mo USD

for 3 months

  • 100% Live, Online Classes

  • Small Group Learning

  • On-on-one evaluations

  • Private Coaching

  • Performance Opportunities

  • Quarterly cohort meetings for training, development and bonding

  • Office Hours with Director of Education

  • Student/Alumni Network

  • Personal and Business Development

  • Certificate upon completion

  • Business of Acting Seminar

  • Fun and relevant electives


Inclusion & Diversity Matter To Us

Inclusion is a core value at Montage.  We welcome those of any background, gender identity, race, sexual orientation and ethnicity. 


How do I enroll?

You can click here to enroll. Our registration process is quick and easy.

How do I pay? Do you have a payment plan?

Simply click the registration link to pay securely online with a credit or debit card. You can choose to pay tuition in full or take advantage of our convenient auto debit monthly payment plan. If you choose this option you will be automatically charged every month till completion.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The online certificate program is intended to be completed in 9 months. The first 3 semesters you will take two classes, and the last you will take one.

What is the time commitment?

The online certificate program is designed to be taken while you are continuing your life, including your employment. You will take a maximum of two classes per semester and they are in the evenings from 7-9:30PM. There is also a monthly cohort meeting (the third Sunday @3PM).

Will I have a lot of homework?

Most of our classes do not have much time commitment outside of regularly scheduled class times. While we believe that you get out of it what you put into it, most people find they spend approximately 30-60 minutes outside of class time per week.

What equipment do I need?

You need a computer with a webcam and a strong internet connection, ideally connected with an ethernet cable, and a quiet space to attend your classes. You will also need to download the Zoom app and check it regularly for updates. Tablets, phones and Chromebooks do not work well. They tend to have multiple issues with connectivity, sound and many of the features of zoom do not work well or at all on these types of devices.

Will I need to purchase materials?

All of the materials (books, texts and scripts) for classes, exercises and scene work will be provided. We recommend that you have a notebook and pen to write down your thoughts after class. Since our instructors rarely lecture, most of the time you do not need to take notes during class but will definitely want a place to record your learnings and reflections. Occasionally you will need props and/or costumes for your scene work. Purchasing these things will never be mandatory. In fact, we prefer that you think outside of the box and find a way to use what you have readily available.

Is the program 100% online?

YES. Our program is entirely online, which means you can join us from anywhere in the world and there’s no commute! We use the Zoom platform to host our live, real time, online classes. They are interactive and you can see and talk to everyone in the class. Everything is done online from the comfort of your own home, or your preferred work space.

Do you use grades? How do you determine who receives a certificate?

All of our classes are pass/fail. Attendance, participation, attitude and preparedness are the top criteria we use to determine this status for each student. As our classes are experiential you must attend and fully participate in at least 80% of scheduled classes and meetings in order to be eligible for the certificate. Your success is important to us. You will be in such close contact with your instructors and advisors, and will receive ongoing feedback on your progress with specific action steps for improvement if required.

What is the cohort model?

The cohort model means that you will be moving through your classes with the same group. We keep our cohorts small with a maximum of 14 people. We have found that when people move through our acting program together, they see better results. A cohort becomes an ensemble. This creates an environment ripe for creative breakthroughs which allows you to grasp concepts faster, and see more improvement in your work. It is networking at its best- in addition to forming lasting friendships, our students often go on to collaborate on creative projects together. Our students report that the cohort experience is one of the most valuable parts of the program.

What happens if I miss a class?

While we ask you to do your best to attend every class, we understand that sometimes absences are unavoidable. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to notify your instructor of your absence, find out what was covered and what you need to prepare for the following week. At this time, our classes are not recorded.

Will Montage help me get an agent/book gigs?

We cannot make guarantees about finding representation, what we can do is guide you through the process step by step. Same with gigs- we can't make any promises about that but you will have access to all of the considerable opportunities that come our way, and the skills to pursue them as well as a listing on our casting page (this is optional).

Do I have to become a professional actor or do acting skills apply in other fields?

Many of our students apply what they’ve learned at Montage to their existing full time professional positions to great success and satisfaction. Our training helps build confidence in your voice, your opinions and your ideas.

What is included in the Online Certificate Program?

A FOUNDATION IN THE CRAFT OF ACTING Our acting curriculum is a journey that gives you the tools to build a strong foundation in the craft of acting. Each class builds on the one before. FUN AND USEFUL NON-CORE CLASSES The classes we offer outside of the acting core round out your education and give you the opportunity to explore specialty areas.

PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT This is part of our "secret sauce". We provide tools and training to help you set goals, overcome obstacles (both internal and external) and move forward with confidence and presence. COACHING SESSIONS Coaching sessions are included in the program to allow you to concentrate your efforts in the areas where you will see the most return and/or the most growth. PERSONALIZED, IN-DEPTH ATTENTION AND EVALUATION In a private Zoom meeting following the completion of each course, you will have a one-on-one evaluation to check your progress and give you specific, actionable feedback to help you set your focus and goals for each class and workshop you’re enrolled in. Our director of education will make herself available during office hours for questions, feedback, and encouragement as needed. PROFESSIONAL CONNECTIONS AND OPPORTUNITIES While part of the program, you will form valuable and important relationships with the other members of your cohort. Upon completion of the program our certificate program graduates will join our growing network of professionals in all aspects of the business.

What does getting a certificate say about me as an actor?

Having a certificate in acting shows that you have dedicated yourself to your craft by allocating time, resources and energy to your pursuit.

What is the refund policy?

Student has the right to cancel the Enrollment Agreement and obtain a full tuition and application fee refund (0% tuition charged) if requested within three (3) days of signing up, otherwise student will receive a full tuition refund less a $200.00 cancellation fee up until thirty (30) days before the beginning of the initial semester. No refunds will be given within 30 days of start date or after program has commenced.

In case of an unexpected emergency, student may obtain a one time enrollment deferral and transfer their tuition to the next available start date.

What is the difference between the Beginning and Advanced Programs?

The begininng program is open to anyone with no prerequisites. The advanced program is only open to current and former students that have completed Acting 4. Once you complete the beginners program you are welcome to move on to the advanced program.

I have other questions, how do I contact you?

Check out our website or fill out this form to be put in contact with our Director of Education, Kate Peckham

Thanks for submitting!

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