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Improv Classes

Welcome to our improvisation program, an immersive journey that will guide you through the process of learning to improvise step by step. Whether your interest is in personal growth and enrichment, presentation techniques or performing improv on stage, you'll find an inclusive, respectful and supportive community waiting for you. 

Introduction to Improv class is a prerequisite for the Improv Mastery. The Mastery course is an ongoing course. 


Begin your improv journey with our Introduction to Improv class, where you will establish a solid foundation and gain essential fundamentals. This course is a prerequisite for entry into our Mastery Core Program.



Upon completing the Introduction course, you’ll progress to our Mastery Program. Designed to cultivate your skills, our Mastery Program offers an ongoing opportunity for you to truly master the craft of improv. Immerse yourself in the work as we explore a wide range of topics, featuring specialty guest lecturers, performance opportunities, and more.

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Introduction to Improv

Level: Beginner

Age: 18+


Length: 6 weeks

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm

Price: $250

Upcoming Sessions

SUMMER: Begins Tuesday June 6, 2023

FALL: Begins Thursday September 14, 2023


Who it’s for

This introductory class is designed for anyone who is curious about the art of improvisation. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut and looking for something different, are looking to enhance your resilience, confidence and communication skills, or sometimes feel anxiety in social situations let veteran improv instructor and all-around great guy Rico Bruce Wade teach you the improv skills while having fun in a relaxed, fun environment.  The class is open to all: it’s ok if you’re shy and you don’t have to be funny. 


What it’s about

In this class you will  focus on using improv exercises and tools to enhance your communication skills, social skills and presentation skills while making friends and having fun.  You will learn to play improv games such as those in “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and have fun in a safe, non-judgemental environment while building confidence and comfort in front of people in business and social situations.


Topics Include

  • Improv games

  • Enhancing your listening skills

  • Thinking on your feet

  • And more!


What you’ll walk away with

You’ll learn the basic skills of improvisation all while building your confidence and learning how to work as a team with your classmates– all while having fun!


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Improv Mastery

Level: Intermediate

Age: MUST BE 18+

Prerequisites: Introduction to Acting

Length: 8 weeks, ongoing

Who it’s for

If you enjoyed your experience in Introduction to Improv we’ve got some great news- you’re just getting started! Improv Mastery is our ongoing program and it offers the opportunity to master the skills of improvisation while continuing to learn new ones.


What it’s about

Improv Mastery is the heart of our improv studies at the Michigan Actors Studio.  Rather than levels of classes that can feel uneven and not meet you where you are, this course is ongoing offered in 8 week blocks. Every 8 weeks gives you an opportunity to learn more and dive deeper into your improv skills.  Our ongoing program offers flexibility; you know what works best for you. You can take time away to let the teaching sink in, and when you come back, we’ll pick up where you left off.  With new games and explorations of different types of improv, Improv Mastery introduces you to more skills and concepts while building on what you’ve already learned.

Your studies will be guided by our Lead Instructor who is dedicated to the empowerment and growth of each student. You will be challenged to take risks and push yourself to the next level, while also being provided the individualized feedback and guidance you need to grow as an improviser. Through a variety of exercises, games, and scene work, and with regular opportunities to perform for an audience, you will hone your improv skills and deepen your understanding of the craft and how to collaborate with other players. We will meet you where you are, while offering you the tools to get to where you want to be.


Topics Include

  • How to get out of your head and stay present, open and curious

  • Playing to the height of your intelligence

  • The importance of reference level

  • Object work, scene work, character and much more


You’ll walk away with

This program equips you with the tools and techniques to attain mastery in the art of improvisation. Whether you aspire to perform improv for an audience or simply want to continue having fun and building your confidence, this class will provide you with the tools and support you need to grow.

Classes Starting

September 2023

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