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Kory Trombley

 Michigan native, educator and coach, Kory has an innate desire to share knowledge and inspire others to achieve greatness. He is an actor and voice over artist and is excited to be back with the MAS family. Kory prides himself as an artist known for tailoring his voice to his client’s specific vocal and storytelling needs, as well as being flexible, reliable and easy to work with. Kory’s experience with commercials, character work and other styles of narration represent a diverse skill set that he’s excited to share with others.

The last few years have had Kory traveling through and around the east coast working behind the scenes on various TV and Streaming projects such as Mindhunter, Defending Jacob and The Righteous Gemstones. While the traveling was fun, he is happy to be home sharing his knowledge to help fellow Michiganders and anyone willing to chase a dream.

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