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Naya Moreno

A proud Michigan Actors Studio alumni, Naya Moreno is thrilled to join the MAS staff as a voiceover instructor. She graduated in 2019 from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Film and Theatre, and has had years of professional experience in front of the camera, behind the scenes, and in the recording booth. Represented by Detroit talent agencies The IGROUP and Productions-Plus since 2018, Naya has been professionally lending her voiceover and acting talents to world-renowned companies like Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, Subway, Arby’s, Little Caesars, Johns Hopkins Medicine, CVS, and many more. 


Naya feels blessed to have the opportunity to share her knowledge, skills, and passions with her students in order to help them achieve their goals. Whether you dream of doing voiceover for cartoons, making a living doing commercials, or just having some fun doing silly voices, be sure to join Naya for a voiceover class!

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