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Silencing the Inner Critic

Don't you wish you could get rid of that critical voice in your head that tells you how much you suck? Most of us have some version of that internal judge who is quick to attack us for any mistake or mis-step, real or imagined. When we believe that voice, we reinforce it and give it power. 

Studying the craft of acting can help us to silence our inner critic. Acting asks us to avoid judging the characters we play. Our job is not to condemn characters as "good" or "bad", but to tell their story truthfully and find the motivation embedded in every action. Once we learn how to study characters with compassion and an eye to how they got to be who they are, it gives us permission as well as the tools to look at ourselves in the same way. It creates a fresh perspective and a new understanding: that critical voice is not who you are. 

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