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We've Got News

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

First of all our website is completely redesigned. It's sleeker, easier to navigate and a lot more interactive. Please go check it out!

But more important than THAT we redesigned our website is WHY

We are thrilled to announce the official unveiling of Montage Online- the online division of Michigan Actors Studio. In January of 2020, we were in a great place. Our enrollment was growing faster than we could keep up with it, and we made the decision to move to a bigger space. We were days away from signing a new lease on a much larger building when we got the notice that we had to shut our doors indefinitely. 

When the lockdown happened, like pretty much everyone, we were scrambling. How do we finish our semester? How do we stay connected until we get the all clear to go back to in-person classes?

We got ourselves on line as quickly as we could, but our expectations were pretty low. However, once we started teaching, creating and connecting in the virtual classroom, we realized we've got something special here.

"Ultimately the quality of any work is reflected in the size of the obstacles encountered. If one's attitude is right, joy, vigor and break-throughs will be the results of resistance met rather than avoided." -Anne Bogart from "A Director Prepares"

There are a lot of obstacles in our lives right now. In our online classes, we've seen students transcend those obstacles and  have amazing breakthroughs. They are connecting to the work as well as their fellow students in really surprising ways. We found that not only do we actually like teaching in a virtual classroom, but there are also some things that actually work better than before. We're having fun discovering new ways to be creative. Like our students are finding ways to express their characters within the confines of the Zoom square, our teachers are finding new ways to reach them. We are redesigning our online curriculum, expanding our offerings and bringing some incredible new teachers into the MAS creative network.  We've been pleased to welcome back students who are no longer living in the area from places as far away as New York City and we've welcomed brand new students from Seattle, Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio.  Our small class size, coupled with our encouraging and experienced teachers has kept people coming back for more. We wanted to let you know that we will be here for you online, even when we're ready and able to go back to teaching in a building. 

If you prefer to be in our brick and mortar building, don't worry! When we are able to do so safely, we will be returning to in-person teaching too in a fantastic new space.  But what this means is that Montage - our online classes that have brought in new students as well as alumni from all over the country-- is here to stay!

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