We offer private coaching sessions and training for actors, business people, professionals and corporations who want to take their skills to the next level.  Work with one of our talented, professional coaches one on one to target the skills that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Areas for coaching include:

For Business and Professionals

  • Presentation Coaching

  • Public Speaking

  • Overcoming Stage Fright & Nervousness

  • Effective Communication

  • Interview Skills

  • Video Presenting for Webinars and Marketing

  • Hosting and Presenting

  • Career/Business Coaching

  • Media Training


For Actors

  • Audition Coaching for Film and Stage

  • College Admission Auditions

  • Scene Study

  • Monologue Coaching

  • Acting for the Camera

  • Voice Over Coaching

  • Voice Over Demo Preparation

Meet Our Coaches:

Kate Peckham - General Acting & Audition, Monologue Coaching, Getting Started

Rachel Bellack - Public Speaking & Presenting, Career/Business Coaching, Media Training, Audition for Film, General Acting & Audition, Monologue Coaching, Getting Started

Wayne David Parker - Voice Over, Audition for Film

Karen Kron Dickson - Kids and Teens Coaching

And Much More -- Ask us if it's not listed.  Coaching is available for Adults, Kids and Teens.


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