ACTORS GYM -- Teens - All Levels Ages 13 - 17 

This ongoing class will help your child perform and audition with confidence while building their skills, making friends and having fun. Students will receive accelerated instruction in audition technique, acting for the camera, commercial acting, theatrical acting as well as improvisation. This will be a fast-paced class focused on creating a well-rounded young performer while building confidence and creativity.  A final showcase for family and friends will highlight some of their best work during the session. 

Note:  This class is meant to be taken ongoing and different material will be worked on in each session. Students will be given activities according to their experience and ability. The goal of this class is for the student to experience growth session by session as they tackle more challenging material each time. 

When: Fall 2019
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $250.00
Instructor: Karen Dickson