I’ve always wanted to write a play but… I have great ideas I just don’t know how to “put pen to paper”… I have writers block and I just don’t know how to break out of it. In this fun and fast-paced  8 week class you will learn how to use the elements of structure, plot, dialogue, setting, theme, scene development, and format to take a ten minute (or longer) play from start to finish. This class is great for both the new writer and the experienced writer looking for new ideas.

Starts: Thursday January 31, 2019 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $270 till Jan. 2— After - $295         Instructor: Sean Paraventi

THE STORY GOES ON--Writing for Television & the Web 

How do you get a job writing for television? Do certain writers write for particular characters? How do you work with a partner? What is a show runner looking for when you walk into a pitch meeting? How do you submit to get invited to the pitch meeting in the first place? Join Emmy Award winning writer Jill Lorie Hurst (Guiding Light, Venice the Series, Law and Order) for this informative 8 week class. Through discussion, script analysis from various projects and writing exercises students will improve their skills while receiving valuable feedback from an expert. If you want to learn about serial storytelling for television and the web, and develop your voice as a storyteller and dialogue writer then this workshop is for you.

Topics will include:

  • the differences between script and breakdown writer

  • collaboration,

  • creating characters and developing a TV family,

  • 2 person scenes,

  • telling the approved story (and what happens when you don’t),

  • the actor/writer relationship in television,

  • pitching a story, when and how you join the union and get an agent

  • the importance of a park bench in storytelling.

  • What formats major networks are looking for

  • PREREQUISITE: None-- Adults 18+

Starts: Monday September 24, 2018— 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $295         Instructor: Jill Lorie Hurst

THE STORY CONTINUES--Writing for Television & the Web Level II

This Level II class takes a deeper dive into the skills already learned and continues to develop the concept from the Level 1 class. Students will have the opportunity to experience working as a writing team as both an outline writer and a script writer. Students will leave class with an outline of their pilot. 

Topics will include:

  • Character development

  • Character dialogue

  • Building a core family

  • Building a root for a couple

  • Working with a writing team

  • Industry Guest speakers with various topics based on availability

  • PREREQUISITE: Level 1-- Adults 18+

Starts: TBD
Duration: 8 Weeks
Cost: $295         Instructor: Jill Lorie Hurst

Advanced Writing Workshop--The Writing Team

This workshop is an introduction to the structure and flow of a writing team with a focus on television writing. 

"Being part of a TV writing team is like being on a high pressure assembly line. Do your part and hand it over. No time for "writers block". When you work as a team, you just hope the next person who takes the paper from you will understand what you're saying and make it better. In this workshop we'll pitch a story, "approve" one, lay it out, assign an outline writer, then hand it to the script writer, who'll then hand it in to the editor and then we'll see what we have for production!  We will review the script and possible questions production might have when they receive the script from the writing team. 

  • PREREQUISITE: Writing for Television I or permission of instructor Adults 18+

Starts: TBA  
Duration: 4 Weeks
Cost:      Instructor: Jill Lorie Hurst