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Our Story

Welcome, we're happy you're here


Welcome to Michigan Actors Studio, a state-licensed acting school that has been providing top-notch training for people of all levels in the metro-Detroit community since 2009. Our dedicated teachers and staff are driven by two fundamental principles: the belief that studying the arts is empowering, and that creating art in a safe and supportive space can be truly transformative.

When you step into our studio....


you'll discover that our offerings extend far beyond acting training. Our students often forge lifelong friendships and find the inspiration, momentum, and support they need to make positive changes in their lives. It's remarkable to witness the profound impact that the arts can have on personal growth and fulfillment.

Like everyone, the events of March 2020 threw us for a loop at first. However, we quickly pivoted and began offering our classes online to students from around the world. This shift allowed us to connect with a broader community of aspiring actors, and it highlighted the incredible power of technology to bring people together. 

A place to become and belong .....


Which brings us to today. We are thrilled to be offering in-person classes at our new location just a mile north of downtown Royal Oak (and with our own private parking lot!) 


The events of the recent past have made a few things crystal clear:  the importance of connection and community and the necessity of dedicating time to pursue activities that bring us joy.


Here at Michigan Actors Studio, both students and teachers get a lot of joy from the art of acting. Whatever your level, whatever the reason for your interest, our diverse and welcoming student body will let you know you’ve found it:


A place to become and belong.


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